Can you handle the hottest pepper in the world? Prove your iron tongue and absolute disregard for your own well-being by taking the Ghost Pepper Challenge. We want to see videos of you eating the ghost pepper—aka Naga Jolokia aka Bhut Jolokia aka the Naga King Chili. For the toughest of ghost pepper eaters, we’ll be naming champions and award prizes.

About the Ghost Pepper

The ghost pepper is the hottest pepper in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. With a Scoville scale heat rating of up to 1,075,000 Scoville Heat Units, the ghost pepper is twice as hot as the habanero pepper and hot enough to be used as an elephant repellant in India. While the etymology of this legendary pepper is hotly debated, some say that the ghost pepper is named for the Naga tribes who once inhabited the northern region of India. These warrior tribes were known for their ferocity and their headhunting culture. Naga villages often had “skull houses,” where the heads of their enemies were collected. Scary stuff.

In the spirit of the deadly rites of passage of the historical Naga tribes, we’re inviting you to become the next class of Naga warrior. You, the elite few who are tough enough or crazy enough to eat the ghost pepper. It’s okay if you shed a tear or two. We haven’t seen anyone eat a ghost pepper without doing so. You can even fall on the floor and beg for mercy if you want. We’ve seen that before. The only requirement is that you eat a genuine ghost pepper chili.

Disclaimer and Warning

While seeing our contestants engulfed in flames from eating a ghost pepper is a genuine source of entertainment for us and our viewers, we encourage you to undertake this challenge with a healthy dose of caution. Make no bones about it: ghost peppers are dangerous. People have been put in the hospital after eating a ghost pepper, and if you have an allergic reaction to the capsaicin, ghost peppers can be fatal. Don’t take this challenge lightly—clear your schedule and don’t try this alone. The effects of eating a ghost pepper can last for hours, as the heat slowly builds over time. Don’t let your pride (or the prospect of a prize) stop you from seeking medical attention if you feel your life is in danger.

In spite of how macho you may consider yourself, we recommend easing into eating a ghost pepper. Start by buying a bottle of ghost pepper hot sauce and adding just a dash to a recipe. Then, you might want to consider getting a ghost pepper plant or seed pods and adding that to your food, or creating your own ghost pepper hot sauce. If you can handle ghost pepper in food, then you can consider taking on a pure ghost pepper.

Again, you enter this contest at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any harm that results from eating ghost peppers.

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